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Community Charity Purchase to Secure the Future of Kinsbourne Green Common

Updated: Dec 9, 2023

A new charity called 'The Friends of Kinsbourne Green Common' is to be established enabling the local community to purchase this popular, much loved, Common land. The current owners, have generously agreed to sell the land to the charity and have confirmed it will no longer be sold at auction later this month.

The Common has been in the ownership of the same family over two generations, for almost 50 years and has flourished as a well-loved local amenity under their careful management. In agreeing to sell the common to the community this beautiful and biodiverse open space will be secured in perpetuity for us all to enjoy.

Friends of Kinsbourne Green Common will be structured so that all local residents can be members and have a say in how it is cared for. With the purchase agreed, and a number of pledges already in place, funds must now urgently be raised by the end of November 2023 in order to complete the sale. The aim is to maintain the land in its current state and going forward, work to further improve the rich biodiversity and ensure it is accessible to all.

The bid has been led by local residents, for local residents. Sue Archer, Marcus Whitehead and Tim Wright have set the wheels in motion, but this is a charity for everyone to be a part of.

If you would like to pledge a charitable donation towards the land purchase and ongoing maintenance of the common, please email Please also email us if you would be able to volunteer your time to help with setting up or running the charity, or volunteer to care for the land, or simply receive updates on our activity.

A website is under construction and you can follow our progress at

Kate Sheffield, Chair of Harpenden Rural Parish Council commented:

I am delighted to hear that this much-loved open space, cherished by the local community will be passed into the hands of a community charity. I have been overwhelmed by the positivity and team spirit shown by local residents over the past few weeks and am so glad that the owners have decided to sell to The Friends of Kinsbourne Green Common. This is something we should all celebrate, as I believe it will help to bring our wonderful community even closer together.

The current owners of Kinsbourne Green Common commented:

We are delighted to be handing over the stewardship of Kinsbourne Green Common to such an exciting newly formed community group, who are interested in protecting and maintaining it on behalf of the local community, so that it can continue to be enjoyed for generations to come.

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